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Finnish Red Cross

Jyväskylä branch


  • founded 11.2.1950
  • 1 259 members (31.12.2022)

Welcome to our webpage, Finnish Red Cross of Jyväskylä branch! Red Cross is an international organisation that helps the ones in need all over the world. The basis of this work are our volunteers who are for example collecting money, participating in first aid groups and keeping company for people who feel lonely. You are very welcome to join the chain of help.

Also very signifcant way of helping is to become a member of the organisation here. By the annual membership fee (for adult members 20 euros, for youth members under 29 years 10 euros) you can support to work that we are doing.

If you would like to learn more about the volunteer work, please read more below!


Chairman                Mrs. Sari Hovila

Vice-chairman         Mr. Jouko Aho

Secretary                Mrs. Päivi Polvi



  • Communication  Facebook-, Instagram-, Internet- and Twitter -badges. Press releases, media monitoring, newsletters for members and e-mail. Presentation of activities in public events. One form of communication is a information standby.
  • Disaster preparedness The authorities call in alert group volunteers to help in accidents, searches, evacuations and demanding special circumstances. In case of a disaster, initial care group volunteers help victims and their relatives at the scene of the accident, for instance by organising food and accommodation for them. Other forms of activity are alarm system  for volunteers, preparedness planning, cooperation with authorities, Finnish Red Cross Blood service and working with Voluntary Rescue Service. Information and money collection standby.
  • First aid groups First aid groups meet regularly to learn and practise first aid skills. First aid groups take part in public occasions. They also  participating in first aid competitions and youth operations in the streets. First aid groups also participate in alerts as a part of the Voluntary Rescue Service. The authorities call in alert group volunteers to help in accidents, searches, evacuations and demanding special circumstances. 
  • Healthpoint provide free health counselling, blood pressure measurements and psychological support. If you are a health care professional and would like use your skills during your free time to the benefit and enjoyment of others, we welcome you to join Healthpoint volunteers. 
  • Money collection Emergency collections are initiated in response to major disasters in Finland and around the world. Often these emergency situations are caused by natural disasters, such as earthquakes or hurricanes. In addition to emergency collections, funds are collected during campaigns, the most important of which is the annual Hunger Day collection organised in the autumn. Donation to Finnish Red Cross Disaster Relief Fund helps victims of accidents, conflicts and natural disasters both in Finland and around the world. Hyvä Joulumieli, Christmas Spirit is a fundraising campaign, that gives out food vouchers to families with children which are in need. With the vouchers families can buy food for Christmas. The campaign is run by the Mannerheim League for Child Welfare and the Finnish Red Cross together with the Finnish Broadcasting Company Yle. One form of fundraising is a money collection standby.
  • Multicultural activities of the Red Cross Jyväskylä branch bring all kinds of people together. At Homework club LäksyHelppi in Salmiranta volunteer instructors help schoolchildren with homework after school. The aim is to prevent marginalization and improve school motivation. Voluntary work in the local Red Cross refugee centre Salmiranta. 
  • Senior activities Senior club in Jyväskylä for those over 60 years of age. The club members meet each other over coffee and discuss current topics. There are various presentations from experts in in different fields.
  • Voluntary friend visitor service Friend visitor service for youth, refugees, elderly, handicapped and the chronically ill patients. One-time help for example for a physician´s visit. Education and recreation for volunteers. 
  • Youth activities Co-operation with schools, University of Jyväskylä and University of Applied Sciences.