Folke Bernadotte grant 2022

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Grant for the internationalisation of people under 30

FRC application instructions for the Folke Bernadotte Memorial Fund grants for 2022

Folke Bernadotte Memorial Fund grants are available for projects that support internationalisation and international mobility for people under 30. The projects must promote international interaction and understanding between young people across borders. Examples of eligible activities include international meetings, workshops, training courses, camps and study trips.

The first round of applications for projects planned by Finnish Red Cross operators for 2022 is open until 9 January 2022. If any of the grant money allocated for the Finnish Red Cross is still available after this date, the call for applications will be reopened in January–February. If the call is reopened, we will announce it separately. All application materials are available in Finnish, Swedish and English.

The application must be submitted via this form.

When deciding on the funding of projects, we particularly value new, innovative ideas that help young people, especially those in a more disadvantaged position, form international networks and support cooperation within our organisation or through networks. It is also important to share and use the results of the projects in Finland, as this will strengthen our own volunteering skills and offer young people an interesting way to participate and commit to the work of the Finnish Red Cross.

Grant conditions

The grant must be applied for in advance. When applying for the grant, it is a good idea to carefully think about and define the project’s objectives and intended impact. The grants are awarded to projects that contribute to the youth-related objectives of the Finnish Red Cross’s policy 2021–2023.

The grant amount varies depending on the object of the grant and has ranged in recent years from around €2,000 to €10,000. Well-founded, innovative and collaborative projects can receive an even larger grant. For study trips receiving the grant, a 10% deductible is applied to the total funding.

If necessary, the grant may also cover the costs of some participants over 30 years of age, provided that the number of participants over 30 is reasonable and their participation can be considered essential for the realisation of the project. For study trips, only travel, accommodation and meal expenses incurred during the trip are eligible expenses – not e.g. meal and other expenses incurred during planning or follow-up meetings, or gifts and souvenirs.

Grant reporting and payment

Project reporting

To receive the grant, a report must be submitted to the headquarters no later than one month after the end of the project, by using this form. The deadline for the submission of the report is 15 January 2023.

Payment of the grant

As a rule, the grant will be paid retroactively after the end of the project, based on the actual costs. Advance payment can only be granted for very compelling and well-founded reasons and is always assessed on a case-by-case basis.

The party responsible for the project must invoice the headquarters for the grant by 15 January 2023 at the latest (see the attachment for invocing details). The reference on the invoice should be Kirsi Lehtola. If the grant cannot be invoiced, this must be mentioned in the report. In this case, the payment is made by bank transfer.

The project’s profit and loss account must be attached to the invoice. There is no need to submit receipts or copies of receipts from the project to the headquarters. However, in the event of unclear reporting and transactions, the headquarters has the right to request and obtain copies of the project’s receipts. If the grant is paid by bank transfer, the profit and loss account must be submitted by 15 January 2023 to the headquarters contact person.

Change of use of the grant

If it is known that the grant will not be used or the purpose of its use is to be changed, this must be reported by free-form email to the contact person at the headquarters no later than two weeks after the start date of the project.

Headquarters contact person regarding the Folke Bernadotte Memorial Fund grants for 2022

Kirsi Lehtola
Youth Activities Coordinator
+358 (0)40 649 5181
Organisational Development Unit
Domestic aid, Headquarters