International youth activities

Lotta Kauppi
Kuvaaja: Lotta Kauppi
"Nuorisodelegaattikurssilaisia Nynäsissä 2014"
Kuvaaja: KRCS
"Nuorisoleiri Kisumussa, Länsi-Keniassa. "
Senja Multala
Kuvaaja: Senja Multala
"11th Asia-Pacific Youth Gathering Thaimaassa 2012"
"HUP:in nuorisotoiminnan kehittämisryhmäläiset Makedonian Punaisen Ristin Skopjen toimistolla keväällä 2014"

International youth activities

We are a brave and reliable provider of aid both in Finland and across the world. Young volunteers are welcome to take part in international activities both domestically and abroad.

Youth delegate activities

After completing the Basic Training Course for Youth Delegates, youth delegates are qualified to apply for organizational development missions abroad. In Finland, youth delegates work actively in supporting local branches e.g. as volunteer collectors as well as in other fund raising campaigns.

You are eligible to apply to Basic Training Course for Youth Delegates, if you are

·        between 18 and 28 years of age

·        speak fluent English

·        have some experience in voluntary work - previous experience in volunteering for the Finnish Red Cross is considered an advantage

The Basic Training Course for Youth Delegates gives you an overall picture how Red Cross operates in Finland and how the different components of the international Red Cross movement work together. Topics covered during the training include organizational development, security, health, teamwork and media relations. After completing the basic training course, youth delegates have an opportunity to apply for open youth delegate positions abroad; however, we cannot guarantee an assignment to everyone who’s passed the training. In the Finnish Red Cross domestic activities, youth delegates play an important role in organizing and coordinating international camps and events.

Participation to the basic training course for youth delegates is free of charge. The language used in the training is English. The next course will be held in the Finnish Red Cross training center (in Heinola) in 19th to 23rd of May 2018. The training is open for applications from 1st of January 2018. To apply, please register and create user account to fill in your data and register your application using our HR Database REST You do not have to fill in all your data in one session, you can get back to it and update it any time before the deadline. After filling in your application, remember to select "Apply" to "Basic Training Course for Youth Delegates".

For more information, please contact training officer Viivi Kirvesoja,, Tel: 020 701 2070 or training assistant Mikael Lehtinen,, Tel: 020 701 2073.

International camps and events

Finnish Red Cross volunteers can also apply to take part international camps and events organized by other Red Cross and Red Crescent national societies. Most of the camps are held in summertime, but there are opportunities to take part in international youth activities throughout the year. All Red Cross volunteers are welcome to apply to camps; qualifications (such as age, language skills, voluntary work experience) vary and depend on the host national society location and the theme of the event.

Common themes of international youth camps in recent years have been fundamental Red Cross principals, international humanitarian law, and first aid and disaster preparedness. 

Specific camp information will be sent to districts’ youth activity coordinators, who will then inform volunteers about the application process regionally. You will get all the latest information about camps also by following our news the Finnish Red Cross Youth Facebook site.

Cooperation between youth groups

Youth groups can also organize international projects independently in cooperation with other youth groups, districts and branches. Young volunteers are encouraged to plan projects that strengthen existing activities and enable international networks, and sharing information and best practices within the Red Cross movement. Methods used can be such as trainings, role-plays, field trips and workshops.

Youth groups may apply for funding for projects from Folke Bernadotte memorial fund. Next application round will take place in fall 2017. Instructions for applying for funding is attached at the bottom of this page (in Finnish).