Applicant webinars 2022

Sign up now to the applicant webinar on applying to the Finnish Red Cross aid worker reserve

The Finnish Red Cross organizes two applicant webinars to support those who are interested in applying to the Finnish Red Cross aid worker reserve. These are new webinars taking place in January and February 2022.

Join the webinars to learn about the Finnish Red Cross aid worker reserve and what to consider when applying to the reserve. During the webinar you will also have an opportunity to hear insights from an experienced delegate and learn about opportunities that joining the reserve can bring forth.

The first applicant webinar 27.1.2022 is designed for applicants who work in the medical field and health careSign up for the webinar here by 26 January.

The second applicant webinar will be organized 16.2.2022. This webinar is designed for applicants of all fields. Sign up for the webinar here by 15 February.

The webinars will be delivered by the Finnish Red Cross Learning and Development team in collaboration with delegates.

Both webinars will be delivered on Teams. Webinars consist of a brief presentation followed by a conversation with an experienced delegate. The webinar will end in Q&A in which some applicants’ questions, that can be submitted in the registration form before the webinar, will be answered.

These webinars are open to all applicants, and they free to attend. The webinars will not be recorded.