International Delegate Reserve

Saara Mansikkamäki
Kuvaaja: Saara Mansikkamäki
"Jarmo Villanen, Irak 2017"

These are the web pages for the Finnish Red Cross International Delegate Reserve. Members of the reserve have completed the IMPACT training course through the Finnish Red Cross. The main content on these pages is information about open positions and trainings, as well as operational information when the Finnish Red Cross is involved in major operations around the world. There is also also a more permanent part of these pages with general information about HR and security issues related to disaster response and field missions in general.

If you are a delegate, please click the link above to join the group to access all of the content on these pages.

If you are not a delegate, more information about becoming a delegate is available on the public web site in English, Finnish and Swedish.


19 OCT 2018
Second rotation selected. If you have not received a call from us, you are not selected this time. We do not have information of third rotation yet. As soon as we know more and alert or stand down message will be send. 


16 OCT 2018
Second rotation requested and alert sent today to the ERU LOGS reserve. Beginning of Mission (BOM) estimated to be 30 OCT. The selection willbe made tomorrow and the selected delegates contacted directly.


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