International Delegate Reserve

Saara Mansikkamäki
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"Jarmo Villanen, Irak 2017"

These are the web pages for the Finnish Red Cross International Delegate Reserve. The members of the International Delegate Reserve have completed the IMPACT training or Basic Training Course (BTC) through the Finnish Red Cross. The pages include general HR information on disaster response missions as well as updates on open delegate positions and training opportunities.

Members of the Finnish Red Cross delegate reserve can request access to this RedNet group. To join the group, please click above on “Klikkaa tästä osaston vapaaehtoiseksi”. On the following screen, please confirm this by clicking “liity” and remember to mention your full name and the year of your IMPACT/BTC training. Your request to join the group will be processed during the next working days. You will receive an email notification when your request to join the group has been accepted. If you experience problems joining the group, please contact us at recruitment (at)

If you are not a delegate, more information about becoming a delegate is available on the Finnish Red Cross public web site in EnglishFinnish and Swedish.


Finnish Red Cross is searching for a Health Delegate for a Danish Red Cross led project in Liliongwe, Malawi for 12 Months. The preferred date is 1st of December 2020. 

Finnish Red Cross is searching for Regional Representative for Asia Pacific Region. The position is based in Asia Pacific Regional Office in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The deployment is for 24 Months, starting latest December 1st, 2020. 


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