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Welcome to our webpage, the Häme district of Finnish Red Cross!

Red Cross is an international organisation that helps the ones in need all over the world. The basis of this work are our volunteers who are for example collecting money, participating in first aid groups, and keeping company for people who feel lonely. The volunteers of the Finnish Red Cross operate in over 400 branches across Finland. Under these branches, there are about 30 000 active volunteers and 80 000 members.

You are very welcome to join the chain of help!

We hope you will join your local Red Cross branch and get involved in local activities. Contact your local branch, you can find the contact information here:

or sign up online as a volunteer   

Learn more about the different ways of helping and joining us:


For further information you can also contact the district office:

Emma Peura (multicultural and youth activities)

Hanne-Miia Niemi (social wellbeing)

Johanna Raivio (communications)