Join us as a Nälkäpäivä box collector!

24. - 26.9.2020
Laura Tossavainen
Kuvaaja: Laura Tossavainen
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Join us as a volunteer ’Nälkäpäivä’ box collector!

The Finnish Red Cross is organising a collection to raise funds for aid work. These funds will be used to aid the victims of natural disasters and accidents as well as armed conflicts around the world.

Everyone is welcometo volunteer as a box collector. Bring photographic ID with you and pick up your collection equipment from the caravan at Kuopio marketplace.

24.9.2020   1 pm – 8 pm

25.9.2020   11 am – 8 pm

26.9.2020   10 am – 2 pm


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ps. Because of the corona virus, common restrictions can cancel events. Follow us and get more information at social media #sprkuopio @sprkuopio