Baltprep Training: Psychosocial Support in Emergencies


Baltprep Training: Psychosocial Support in Emergencies (27.-30.10.2020, Latvia)


The Baltic Sea Region (BSR) covers a significant area of northern Europe and its EU member countries represent nearly a fifth of the EU population. Over the past few years, issues of preparedness have emerged strongly in the region. The region shares common features and challenges, including similar risks of emergencies and crisis that can have national but also regional implications. These include the effects of climate change, socio-economic instability, migration, terrorism and geopolitical tension, as highlighted in several studies. Many of these risks are also noted to be growing. Against a changing risk landscape, there is a need to further develop regional preparedness dimension through enhanced quality and interoperability of response capacities as well as by stronger cooperation with Red Cross and authorities.

In response to civil emergencies and crisis, advanced rescue services typically handle first response. The contemporary role of the Red Cross tends to focus on secondary support functions, such as integrated psychosocial support (PSS), which is part of National Societies capacities and plans in the BSR. People directly and indirectly affected, even though not physically harmed, are often not prioritized by the authorities, that often focuses on rescue activities. In some scenarios, this group could amount to thousands of people, warranting a response that often only the Red Cross with its volunteers can mount.

Aim of the training

Overall aim:To build increased Red Cross capacities and interoperability in Psychosocial Support in emergencies in the Baltic Sea Region.

Specific objective 1):Strengthening course participants’ capabilities in PSS methodologies and intervention to a specialist level. The trained volunteers and staff will be able to bring back the PSS technical understanding and methodologies to each of the NSs and give the opportunity to facilitate integration of the regional learnings in the National Societies domestic activities.

Specific objective 2):Strengthening the regional ability to mobilize Baltic Sea Regional PSS specialists in case of emergencies supporting other national societies responses.

Call for applications

Minimum requirements for the selected candidates:

  • Active volunteer or employee of a National Society with a few years of experience
  • Red Cross induction trained and having good knowledge of the Movement
  • PSS trained in National Society and preferably also involved in Red Cross activities where PSS intervention and methodology are included
  • Ability to communicate effectively
  • Ability to work as part of a team
  • Good working knowledge of English
  • Basic IT skills
  • Available for short term regional deployment in case of emergencies or as part of National Societies preparedness cooperation
The training course is targeted and open to staff and volunteers with experience in domestic activities.
Submit your application no later than 24.8.2020
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