Finnish Red Cross First Aid Course EA 1® (16t), Hybrid Course Helsinki

The hybrid course is implemented in two parts: 1. Online learning approx. 8 h. 2. In-person lessons approx. 8 h.
Hietaniemenkatu 7 B, 5.krs, 00100, Helsinki
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  • Kurssit ja koulutukset
The price is 150,00 + vat 24%. The certificate and qualification registration fee is included in the price of this course. A personal discount of -10 % of the course fee is given to members of the Red Cross.
The course is organized by Red Cross First Aid


The course's  in-person lessons are on Tuesday August 11 from 8.30-16.00 at the Red Cross First Aid Training Center, Hietaniemenkatu 7 B, 5. krs, 00100. Stairwell B is located behind the building (past K-Market and to the left) at the end of the alley.


  • Action taken to assist in an accident or attack of illness
  • Basics of emergency first aid
    • First aid of an unconscious casualty
    • Basic resuscitation
    • Foreign object in the airway
    • Disorder of circulation (shock)
    • Controlling bleeding
  • Wounds
  • Most common attacks of illness
  • Burns, scalds and injuries caused by electricity
  • Joint injuries and fractures
  • Poisonings

The certificate of First Aid Course EA 1® is valid for three years.

The theory of first aid will be independently studied online, and the practical exercises in in-person lessons. Approx. within a week from signing up you will get an e-mail with a code and instructions for the online lessons.

Please allocate approx. 8 hours to complete the online lessons. You will be e-mailed the certificate for a completed online portion.You will need to present your certificate in the beginning of the in-person lessons either as a print or from your mobile device.

An accepted first aid course completion requires the successful completion of both the online and in-person portions within six (6) months.


The course will be paid for via netbank when you sign up.If the course is paid by the employer, the billing address should be given when you register to the course, and we will send you a bill after the course. An invoice fee of 5,00€ + vat 24% will be added.

More detailed information about the course will be sent by e-mail with a confirmation letter after sign-up has been successfully completed.

Terms of cancellation:

If you can’t attend the course, please cancel your participation as soon as possible. The cancellation needs to be done seven days prior to the course at latest. 50% of the course fee is charged of cancellations after this time period. If we are not informed at all about the cancellation, the whole fee is charged.


Inquiries and cancellations via email to

or via phone 040 732 8211.

Red Cross First Aid reserves the right to make changes in the programme.