Helsinki Community Reserve Volunteers (COVID-19)- new group

This group is for all English speaking FCR volunteers in Helsinki who are interested in helping out during the coronavirus (COVID-19) situation. Community reserve volunteers are a network of people ready to help in an emergency.

Volunteering during the coronavirus could mean e.g. helping individuals in high risk groups with groceries or visits to the drugstore, organising and contacting new volunteers, delivering basic supplies or communications tasks e.g. on social media.

As a member of this group you will be one of the first to receive updated information on how you can help in the Helsinki area as a FCR volunteer. Stay tuned!

How do community reserve volunteers differ from emergency response volunteers?

The Finnish Red Cross has teams of emergency response volunteers across Finland, ready to help people in a range of crisis situations, from natural disasters to house fires. The emergency response volunteers have lots of experience and thorough training in supporting people in crisis directly. In time of need community reserve volunteers will be called upon to carry out practical tasks in support of the existing Red Cross emergency response volunteers.