Volunteering in English

"Ruoka-apu / Food-aid"
"Arjen Apu / Everyday Help"

We need new volunteers all the time and we are more than happy to have volunteers who speak some other languages than Finnish. At the moment you can volunteer in English in food-aid (Ruoka-apu) and Everyday Help (Arjen apu). 


We share food every Wednesday and Friday at 4 pm in Kohtaamispaikka Tampuri, Otavalankatu 12, 33100 Tampere. 
Most of the food is waste food donated by local supermarkets and restaurants. The food is delivered to us by our co-operation partner Ruokapankki (Foodbank).
Tasks of volunteers are carrying the food inside, counting and packing the food to plastic bags and sharing it to people in need. We give food bag to everyone in need. The tasks of volunteers begin at 1.30 pm are over before 5 pm. 

If you would like to became volunteer in Food-aid please don't hesitate to contact coordinator of volunteer activities Kaisa Kuuppo, kaisa.kuuppo@redcross.fi

Everyday Help

The purpose in Everyday Help is that volunteers help people who need some assistance with their everyday life, for example doing groceries, going to doctor etc... 
There is different kind of help requests and volunteers can choose the requests that suit for them. Two responsible volunteers coordinate the requests. 

If you would like to became a volunteer in Everyday Help, please contact our responsible volunteers Emilia by sending e-mail to: arjenapu@sprtampere.fi.