Trainingmaterials in English

Trainingmaterials in English about the Red Cross organisation:

1 ) Red Cross Introduction

It is important for us at the Red Cross to ensure that all volunteers understand what the Red Cross is and what kind of inspiring volunteer activities it provides. In order to ensure this, we have built a two-hour training module on the basic information about the Red Cross. The training acts as an introductory event for new volunteers, people interested in finding out more about the activities of the Red Cross, and those considering becoming volunteers. Branches can organise the training during their open house events, for example. 

As attachments below you can find the materials for this training. A guide for the trainer, the powerpoint-presentation to show on the training and a feedback questionnaire.

2) Webcourse about the Red Cross

The webcourse gives a basic introduction to the Red Cross as a worldwide movement. It also gives basic information about the Finnish Red Cross and its activities. The webcourse is found on the following address:

For more information about the tariningmaterials please contact your own district office or Johanna Kylmäoja (trainingofficer at FRC Headquarters)) by phone 040-588 7962 or by email