Cultural Conversations - part 1

18:00 - 19:30
Otavalankatu 12, 33100, Tampere
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Join us for an open discussion session for this very first time only for immigrants.

You get to share your experiences about:
  • What is it like to be an immigrant in Finland?
  • Is living in Finland different compared to your home country? Are there some similarities?
  • Have you faced some problems with the Finnish way of life? How did you manage with them?
  • Is there something in Finland that you just don’t understand?

We will talk together about the Finnish way of life, habits and culture. The goal is to find solutions to your daily life problems and therefore make your life easier in Finland.

When?  - wednesday 21st August at 18 (6 p.m.), 
Where? - Kohtaamispaikka Tampuri, Otavalankatu 12

You are warmly welcome!

The will be free coffee, tea and snacks.

The languages of the event are English, Finnish, Arabic and Dari