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Red Cross Helsinki and Uusimaa District – Volunteer Opportunities in English 

From the sidebar, select and can read about the most popular activities in Helsinki and Uusimaa. We mention the existing groups that are currently run in English, but you can always suggest a new group in another part of our area! You can also first participate in activities like the Helpers' Club or Language café where you can strenghten your Finnish or Swedish. You don't have to speak fluently if you want to join some of our Finnish or Swedish speaking activities! Also, in our English speaking activities basic level of English is enough.

As a Red Cross volunteer you give your time to help others

Are you interested in volunteering in an international humanitarian aid organization? You are warmly welcome to join the Finnish Red Cross!

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For more info: Contact your local branch 

As a member of the Red Cross you make volunteering possible 

Are you the one to get things moving at a Red Cross volunteer branch? For example, you can be in charge of the communications or accounts of your local branch or become a member of the board.  The local board is where local acitivties are planned and organized, and to be elected board member you must be a member of the Finnish Red Cross. The membership fee is 20 euros per year (10 euros for persons under 29 years). 

While the membership is a statement for the humanitarian values and principles of the Red Cross, it concretely supports our local activities.

Become a member of the Finnish Red Cross 



  1. Sign up as a volunteer at Oma Punainen Risti 

  2. Become a member of the Finnish Red Cross

  3. Follow The Red Cross – Helsinki-Uusimaa Facebook group and/or @sprhup on Instagram where we post about trainings and volunteer opportunities in English

  4. Contact your own local branch 

…to find more volunteer opportunities!