Open Lecture: Introduction to International Criminal Court

1. - 6.3.2018
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Finnish Red Cross, Messukylä Chapter and University of Tampere, Politics/International Relations & Public Law presents a dual lecture.

M.Phil Simo Väätäinen is an expert on victim and witness protection in the context of international criminal courts and tribunals with over 25 years of international experience. He was the Chief of Victims and Witnesses Unit at the ICC 2004-2009 and at the Special Tribunal for Lebanon 2009-2011. He also worked at the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia 1998-2004. He has been involved in drafting of international standards on victim and witness protection such as Council of Europe recommendation 2005(9) on protection of witness and Commonwealth Best Practice Guide for the Protection of Victim/Witness in the Criminal Justice Process. One of his latest assignments related to the establishment of the Special Criminal Court in the Central African Republic.

1.3. 6-8 PM Paavo Koli Lecture Hall, Pinni A, second Floor.

Lecture I - Introduction to international criminal courts

- Evil in us - what makes us commit horrendous acts?
- Preamble to modern international criminal courts
- The end of the Cold War and the re-start to establish the ICC
- Establishment of the first ad hoc tribunals. ICTY-ICTR-SCSL-ECCC

6.3. 6-8 PM Paavo Koli Lecture Hall, Pinni A, second Floor.

Lecture II - International Criminal Court

- Establishment
- Jurisdiction
- Organisation
- Activation of jurisdiction
- Expansion of the role of victims in the proceedings
- Challenges
- Critique of the ICC

Each lecture will include a conversation part after presentation. The event will be held in English. Welcome! Event on Facebook