Open for applications: Youth Camp - Be part of Something Bigger Than Yourself! - Increasing Youth Participation in Humanitarian Action!

Armenian Red Cross is arranging an internation youth camp in Armenia, Yerevan, in cooperation with Austrian Red Cross. The topic of the camp is Be part of Something Bigger Than Yourself! - Increasing Youth Participation in Humanitarian Action! And there will be all together over 40 participants from several different national societies, such as Armenia, Austria, Germany, Italy, Georgia and Ukraine - and of course from Finland after you have applied! Participant profice for each country is 1 leader (that can be aged 18-30+) and youth volunteers (aged 18-30).

Dates:  28th July to 6th August; the arrivals on 28th, th program starts on 29th and the August 6th is a departure date.

Venue: a resort area 60km from Yerevan (the capital) and 80km from the Airport.  The camp participants share rooms, which are comfortable and big enough.

Participants: Each country has a delegation of up to 6 people (one leader and 5 participants). The partner countries are Armenia, Georgia, the Ukraine, Austria, Germany, Italy and Finland. Each delegation will have a leader, which will be responsible for the delegation and will share the responsibilities of the leader group, before, during and at the follow up activities.

Program:The camp topic is "Be part of something bigger, than yourself!- Increasing youth participation in humanitarian activities!  In general, there will be thematic workshops, related to the camp topic. The workshops are delivered for smaller groups of participants. 9 workshops in three identified directions are delivered for three days and each day the participants in three groups simultaneously take part in three workshops in three separate rooms (per direction). Next day the groups rotate and  again participate in three workshops simultaneously, but each group has a workshop in a different direction than they had the previous day. Each workshop is organized by the participating NSs. Besides the thematic workshops, there are other entertaining and learning activities.

To apply, please send the enclosed application with motivation letter to  by 19th June the latest. A letter of reference from your district or branch (which can be written in English, Finnish or Swedish) is optional.

If you have any questions, please contact Viivi Kirvesoja ( or Mikael Lehtinen (

All travel expenses of the participants will be covered by the Finnish Red Cross with the help of Folke Bernadotte memorial fund.