Detention Centre Visits / Säilöönottoyksikön vierailut

Volunteers from the Metsälä Detention Centre Visits (DCV) group visit the Metsälä detention unit regularly every or every second week on Thursdays from 6 p.m to 8 p.m. The unit is a closed institution where asylum seekers whose identity is unknown and migrants awaiting removal from the country are held by court order. The detainees cannot leave the premises and may need to stay from a few hours to many months.
During the visits we offer social support to the detainees. It means that the visiting volunteers listen to the detainees’ stories (often heartbreaking), chat with them, and maybe play some board games. If volunteers are willing, short workshops or performances for the detainees can be offered during the visit. 


  • Age 21 or older
  • Willingness to commit to the principles of Red Cross
  • Commitment to visit the DC at least once a month  (the visits are every Thursday at 6-8 pm)
  • Sufficient mental and physical health
  • Volunteering experience is an advantage, open-mindedness a must
  • Language skills (in addition to English) such as Arabic, French, Spanish, German, or Russian are appreciated. Finnish is not required.
Any skill that can be shared with the detainees during a visit, whether it’s singing or juggling, is also useful but not necessary.
If you are interested in signing up or have any further questions, please send an e-mail to