Bigpepa in english

If you are interested in voluntary rescue service, camping and making new friends you are in the right place! We offer you training in variable skills, first aid -exercises, good fun, accommodation in tents, and most of all an unforgettable camp.

The camp is organised by the Finnish Red Cross, Satakunta district. Core themes of the camp are rescue service and Red Cross. In Bigpepa camp for children and youth participants get to learn important skills, such as first aid and working in a group, and practice operation of volunteer rescue service. In Bigpepa first aid, preparedness activity and cheery camping life are combined together in a natural manner. Camp will be held from June in Pori at Koivuniemi campsite located on the west coast of Finland. This year’s camp is 17th Bigpepa in a row. 

Bigpepa is divided into four different sub camps, to each of which participants will be placed according to their age. Program of each of the sub camps is designed based on age of participants and their areas of interest. The youngest sub camp No. 1 consists of 7 year-olds and the oldest camp No. 4 accommodates youth 16+ years of age, whose camp is intended to be arranged in an international atmosphere, so that participants from other Red Cross national societies are invited to join.

Bigpepa 2016 consist four subcamps with their own programs. Camps are divided in a following way;

  • Camp 1 for 7-9 years old
  • Camp 2 for 10-12 years old
  • Camp 3 for 13-15 years old
  • an International Camp 4 for over 16 years old.

The program of Bigpepa consists of activities that are common to every age group as well as ofcertain group-specific functions. The common part of the program includes opening ceremony, a joint event at the first night, competitions, morning activity for which each group is responsible atits turn, last night get-together, and the closing ceremony at the end (that comes way too soon) of the camp.

Camp is held mainly outdoors and campers sleep in tents with sleeping bags. Participants will be accommodated in tents for approximately 10 people each. Every sub camp forms their own little tent village in the area (You don´t need to bring your own tent, it´s on the house. :)). In addition to this there are indoor space, sports court, camp fire places, extensive grass fields, spacious lake side sauna and beach available for participants within the camping center area. Catering will be arranged in a big catastrophe tent.

Doing things together is nice and since frying pancakes together at camp fire place is even nicer, we have decided, that no-one needs to be alone in Bigpepa!

For more information contact:

Finnish Redcross, Satakunta district

Pohjoispuisto 3, 28100 Pori, Finland