Campaign Against Racism

Leena Koskela
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"Trainers' Days 2020"

Campaign Against Racism

The annual anti-racism campaign of the Finnish Red Cross will again take place around the UN International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination on 21 March. You are all invited to show your support, fight racism and participate in the campaign!

The humanitarian values of the Red Cross include respect for the human being, non-discrimination, mutual understanding and friendship. The Red Cross aims to encourage attitudes supporting equality, pluralism and diversity as well as to bring people with different kinds of world-views and opinions together. With immigration on the rise this has proven to be one of the biggest current challenges in our society.

Prejudice, ignorance and even fear create racism. We think that racism damages the whole society not only the ones having to face racist attacks. The Finnish Red Cross wants to contribute and work systematically against racism and discrimination in order to assure that all ethnic groups have equal opportunities to live in Finland and participate in building our common wellbeing.


During the week, we encourage people to raise discussion on how to create an inclusive atmosphere to all people with the help of good decisions, positive images, stories, friendships and meetings. The campaign will comment on how a dream society is built through practical acts and decisions. 

Finnish Red Cross coordinates national campaign on the week against racism.

Campaignweek against racism

WHEN? March, week 11 or 12 

WHERE? Everywhere in Finland


By challenging individual people, organisations, government agencies, schools, educational institutions and various communities and sports clubs to participate in the common week against racism campaign and share with their followers on social media platforms why and how they combat racism.

By holding anti-racism events open to all and sharing photos of them on social media.



Racist views are in contrast with the Red Cross’ principles of humanity and impartiality.

Humanity:Preventing and alleviating human suffering in any way possible is the main mission and goal of the operations of the Red Cross. Its purpose is to protect human life and health and to ensure respect for the human being. It promotes mutual understanding, friendship, cooperation and lasting peace amongst all people.

Impartiality:The Red Cross makes no discrimination as to nationality, religious beliefs, race, political opinions, or class. It endeavours to relieve the suffering of individuals, being guided solely by their needs, and to give priority to the most urgent cases of distress.

Preventing discrimination and protecting human dignity is part of the organisation’s basic activities.



- movie nights with young people, focusing on the theme week’s topics

- quizzes/Kahoot games, morning assemblies, information about our year-round anti-racism, global eduacatiom and pro-equality activities at schools

- volunteers to do a social media campaign, material will be available in early 2021


- presenting the Pioneer Against Prejudice (Ennakkoluuloton edelläkävijä) award on March 

- giving out warm beverages, badges and stickers on the streets/in shopping centres/at libraries and carrying out ‘trashing prejudice’ activities

- downhill sledding trips, drawing and arts and crafts sessions with day care centres

- excursions with reception centres

All functional materials produced by the FRC that can be downloaded in an electronic format on the RedNet and websites

Materials distributed free of charge: posters and canvas bags can be ordered from the Red Cross’ online shop starting on week 5.

Materials for schools, youthworkers ...



Contact your nearest district and get ideas how to join the campaign