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Ugandan Punainen Risti järjestää nuorten kansainvälisen leirin 23 – 29.11.2013. Mukaan voivat hakea 18–28-vuotiaat Suomen Punaisen Ristin aktiiviset vapaaehtoiset. Suomen Punainen Risti kattaa osallistujien kulut Folke Bernadotte muistosäätiön avustuksella.

Lue englanninkielinen leirikutsu alla ja lähetä huolellisesti täytetty hakemus ja vapaamuotoinen motivaatiokirje viimeistään 20.9.2013 osoitteeseen recruitment@redcross.fi

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Uganda Red Cross International Youth Camp November 23 - 29 2013

Uganda Red Cross Society is organizing an international youth camp to bring on board youth leaders and volunteers from all over the world to discuss strategies of strengthening Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies. This will take place in November 2013 under the theme, “United Youth for Humanity”

The youth camp is a 7 day residential activity that will take place from 23 - 29 November, 2013 at the African Youth Leadership Training Centre   in Mukono Branch which is one of the 51 URCS branches in the country.

With Promotion of International Friendship and Understanding as one of the 4-part youth programme, URCS is proud to host a third International Youth Camp being organized, planned, coordinated and steered by a committee of active URCS Youth volunteers who come from different parts of the country with support from Youth, Volunteer management and Membership Development department, the Secretary General and other staff within the national Society.

Target Group/camp participants

The international camp targets 219 young people between 18-28 years, two (2) participants ( one female and 1 male) from  each of  the 54 Sister Red Cross and Red Crescent National societies and two youth from each of the URCS branches – members of NYC and 9 members from URCS national youth council executive committee.

Selection Criteria/participants profile

  •       Aged between 18-28 years
  •       Gender balance is an emphasis
  •       Be willing to take part in all out-door and in-door camp activities
  •       Be in a sound health condition
  •       Have a high level of innovativeness and interaction
  •       Be able to communicate in English


To promote youth and volunteer good governance as a way of developing the value of voluntarism among participants and public in general to respond to their own and community needs.


  • To empower youth and volunteers to share ideas, life experiences and challenges with a view of coming up with a common approach of addressing them
  • To equip youth with life skills required in their day to day life
  • To create an enabling environment for volunteer’s engagement through provision of practical solutions to challenges they face while in service
  • To develop and strengthen knowledge and skills required to serve their communities and the most vulnerable

Camp Activities

The activities will be divided on two phases i.e. the in-camp activities (these are activities within the camp site) and the country side activities (which are activities outside the camping site). The in-camp will be divided into sub-camps to analyze and develop the most effective strategies to be employed in empowering Red Cross Youth and volunteers to,

1. Strengthen the role of youth in the global fight against HIV/AIDS

2. Develop life skills for effective decision making regarding their lives

3. Mobilize and empower youth volunteer to respond to climatic change

4. To share and develop effective mechanism for membership/volunteer recruitment, management.

5. Hold a Youth Assembly (meeting of two 2 NYC representatives from each NS) – the agenda of the meeting to be communicated later.

6. Conduct community service  at Mukono Hospital

7. National Societies showcasing activities and cultures

8. Sports and games

9. Volunteer Success story sharing

10. Team work team building

11. Practical commercial skills.

Expected Outputs

  • Developed strategy for membership recruitment, retention and motivation
  • 219 participants equipped with life skills
  • Motivated and increased spirit of volunteerism and service for human within participants.
  • Recommendations from the youth leaders ( NYC representatives)
  • Nurtured and activated National and International friendship
  • Strengthened networking among the participants and National Societies
  • Increased volunteer motivation in the Youth leaders and volunteers
  • Increased volunteer and youth team work within and without the Red Cross
  • Experience and success stories shared among participants