Gunnar Rosén International Humanitarian Law Competition

The next Gunnar Rosén International Humanitarian Law Competition is organized in Helsinki on 10-13 April 2018!

The Competition is aimed at University and National Defence University students interested in public international law. The aim of the Competition is to move international humanitarian law from books to practice and provide students with a unique opportunity to apply their knowledge both ‘in the field’ and in court surroundings. In addition, students get to participate in lectures of top experts from around the world and get a chance to learn what it is like to work with international humanitarian law in the field. Experts of international humanitarian law evaluate the work of the participants throughout the Competition and provide feedback on their actions. The Competition will be held in English.

The competition includes role-plays and simulations which allow students to apply public international law in realistic scenarios outside the court room. On the final day of the Competition the students compete in a moot court.  Through a fictional case, students are tested on their abilities and will need to demonstrate their acquired expertise in international humanitarian law in front of a highly respected and experienced jury. The students will also receive lectures from experts. The participants will also be expected to be acquainted with Finnish legislation, as they will be tested on how international humanitarian law is implemented in Finland.


The registration opens 11 December 2017. Deadline for applications is 31 January 2018.

Who was Gunnar Rosén?

Professor Gunnar Rosén was the vice Secretary-General of the Finnish Red Cross from 1962 to 1989. He was a renowned humanitarian and influencer, who among others wrote the books ‘Sata sodan ja rauhan vuotta’ (A Hundred Years of War and Peace 1877-1977) in celebration of the hundred years of the Finnish Red Cross and ‘Sodan oikeussäännöt’ (Laws of War).


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